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Luthier and guitarist Fernando Rubin
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SA TARONJA is not just a place to see and hear artistic activities, but also a place where artists work. Painters, sculptors, craftsmen, musicians, dancers, designers, photographers and creators of all kinds use Sa Taronja's resources and spaces to practice their art.
Since the early days at the centre when founder Hartmut Usadel opened the gallery to show the works of his friends and fellow artists, countless painters and other creative artists have used the converted chicken sheds as their studios. These working artists and members of SA TARONJA help to keep the spirit of creativity alive.
In these studios, the island's best handmade Spanish guitars are built,…. sandstone sulptures are chiselled… websites are created… dances are choreographed… photographs developed… musicians are trained… and new ideas cooked up.
Stop by the office to check on the schedule of activities and find out if studio space is available. There is usually a waiting list for Studios, but it doesn't hurt to ask. New ideas, new proposals, new blood and new activities are always welcome.
See below.
Artists who rent studio space in Sa Taronja come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some are self-taught, some have years of professional training behind them, but all of them are animated by the creative impulse and all of them contribute to the stimulating atmosphere of openness, creativity and exchange that is the hallmark of Sa Taronja. Take a tour through the varied talents that occupy our studios by clicking on the links below.
SA TARONJA - the artists' studios